Why is Buying Local Better When it comes to Your Garden?

Yes, you can go to any big box store and buy the annuals, perennials, and bedding plants, or the herbs and vegetables that you want for your gardens, but you may not be getting what you expect, or you may be getting more than you want. Those are just two reasons to buy from your local hometown nursery.

Here are four more valid reasons to go a little bit out of your way and maybe pay a few cents more:

One: Your plant material will be fully acclimated to the regional soils, meaning the composition and ph balance, as well as the humidity and precipitation, along with the various pests in your area.

Two: The plants you buy will be hardier because they are grown in the USDA zone you’re in. When a plant is trucked in from fields that are outside of your USDA zone, they revert during the first months because the new growth has not hardened yet. For example, a spruce that is full of new growth in the local big box store the first part of April could be stressed. Stressed planting invites that unwanted disease and pests.

Three: There is more than meets the eye when growing nursery stock other than just growing it. Such as harvest times, harvest methods, and harvest materials that are used. There is also the follow-up care before installation which is essential for a healthy and thriving landscape. The plants you purchase at the big box stores are a commodity and subject to unknown, uneven harvest techniques as well as missing the continuing care the local nursery provides.

Four: Local nurseries will have those individual, unusual, specimens that you want. The big box stores don’t. Consider the fact that when plants are on palettes, you don’t have much walking room to look at the various plantings. When you visit your local nursery, you can walk through the specimens and select the exact right ones.